Cruise Mumbai

Mumbai is one of India’s foremost ports that handle a huge number of ships daily. The ideal location and enough harbour facilities make it a favourite destination for cruise lines from across the globe. SuperStar Libra, a part of the Star Cruises Asia fleet, operates cruises from Mumbai. It provides for a relaxed and comfortable travel. The services are good and you’ll find that it’s like a resort, only better. There are trips to Goa and Lakshadweep and you can choose from options like a 1 night cruise, 2 nights cruise and 3 nights cruise.

The ships are well equipped for the present day traveler. You can go for a swim or a jog, or use some of the latest exercise gear in the ship’s fitness centre not to mention the well stocked restaurants if you need a quick bite. Businessmen can stay in touch with their clients by making use of the internet cafes and conference rooms on board. Children too have a den; they can play at the activity room.

Other destinations for ships from Mumbai are Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Athens, Southampton, Barcelona, Hong Kong and a lot of other port cities.

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