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This sprawling business and tourist center is located on the northern part of the Gulf of Arabia. Its location, connecting the Western countries and the Eastern ones has been a scoring point for trade and commerce of all kinds. Dubai is connected with the major ports of the world. This desert city is home to world-class tourism, thriving business and a fabulous shopping experience.

Arabic is the official language, but English, Persian, Hindi, and Urdu are also spoken. Other languages that have a sizeable community are Malayalam, Tamil, Tagalog and Punjabi. The majority of locals are Sunni Muslims. There are quite a rising number of Hindus, Christians, and Sikhs. It’s interesting to note that amongst the seven Emirates that make up the UAE, Dubai is the only one that has a Hindu temple and a Gurudwara.

Dubai has striking contrasts in terms of modernity and traditions. You’ll see glass and concrete towers and shopping malls that merge with the subtle Arabian architecture. The Dubai Creek divides the city and you can see dhows (traditional boats) and water taxis plying on it. At one end of the creek is a lagoon which has been turned into a bird sanctuary now.

The Dubai Cruise Terminal opened in 2001 attracts new cruise liners and yachts. There are a number of yachts and cruises that operate from and via Dubai. Most long duration cruises make a stop at Dubai. There are also cruises that take you around Dubai and the Gulf region; it lasts for a day or two. It’s quite popular with tourists who are on a short vacation and still want to enjoy the experience of travelling on a yacht. You could also hire a three day cruise to the Musandam Peninsula of Oman where you can go snorkeling and diving too.

And of course, Dubai is famous for the Dubai Shopping Festival. It has become such a rave among visitors and tourists that it’s called ‘the fifth season’ now. You can get anything from spices to gold for a cheap price during the festival

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