Singapore Cruise

Singapore or Singapura means ‘Land of the Lion’. It consists of a main island and smaller islets that number around sixty. This city is a centre for commerce, entertainment, industry and tourism. It has the busiest port in the world and handles a lot of passenger ships, containers, yachts and other vessels. Singapore’s climate is tropical and so it’s best for people who love to sunbathe, swim, and go sailing.

In the suburbs, you’ll find the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore Zoological Gardens, and the Jurong Bird Park. Underwater World Singapore is an underwater museum located on Sentosa island. Its attractions are Polar Bears, Penguins, and Crocodiles. Areas within the main island – Little India, China Town and such communities will enthrall you with their sights, food, and culture.

Singapore has good facilities for Scuba Diving, Sailing and Yachting. Resort islands and hotels rent out equipment and hired crew for tourists. SuperStar Virgo which sails from Singapore is one of the largest Cruise ships of Singapore. It’s a five-star resort on water and while on it, you get to sail through the most exciting tourist spots in South East Asia.

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