Christmas Island

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It's a tiny island belonging to Australia. Don't be fooled by its size because about 60% of the island is a national park. It houses birds, plants and animals that are unique to the island - the most common one being the Red Crab. They are such a famous sight that there's a festival named after them – the Red Crab Festival.

The Christmas Island National Park not only has flora and fauna seen in its forestlands, it also covers a portion of the coral reefs adjoining it. This park preserves the rainforests and reefs which is a marked feature of this tropical island. You can go scuba diving in the island's waters and might spot an occasional spinner dolphin or two. The island's port encourages yachting and the Flying Fish Cove, has 30 metres deep water moorings.

English is the official language of the island; but you can also find pockets of areas where Malay or one of the four Chinese dialects are spoken.