Comoros Island

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Comoros is located between Madagascar and Mozambique at the northern end of the Mozambique Channel in Africa. Its capital is Moroni. This island had travelers and trade relations with Africa, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Arabia way before the first Europeans came here. Its neighbours are Mozambique, Tanzania, Madagascar, and the Seychelles. Comoros has absorbed cultural and musical influences from East Africa, the Middle East, Madagascar, and southern India.

There are two official languages – Arabic and French. A mix of Swahili and Arabic called Shikomoro is also spoken. About 98% of the population is Sunni Muslim and the remaining Roman Catholic. The main cultivation is coconuts, bananas, vanilla, cloves, perfume essences, and cassava.The islands have well equipped inter island air services that operate daily flights. There are also small motorized ships and sailing ships that will carry passengers between the islands.