Indonesia Islands

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The largest archipelago, Indonesia, comprises seventeen thousand islands that extend along the equator. As it stretches for about five thousand miles, it shares borders with a lot of countries – Malaysia and Indochina to the north-west, Philippines and Micronesia to the north and Australia in the south. Indonesia is divided into 33 provinces. The 300 ethnic groups of Indonesia have their own culture developed over centuries. It has been influenced by the Arabic, Chinese, Malay, and European settlers, conquerors and travelers. And so, the cuisine, language and traditions are very wide-ranging.

Most of the islands lay on the divide between the Asian and Australian continental plates and falls in the region called the 'ring of fire'. The islands vary in their geographical features and ecologies. You can find volcanoes, mountains, rain forests, beaches, and reefs all on a single island. This makes for plenty of wildlife and its an ideal spot for adventure and eco-travel.

Java is the most populated island and the capital, Jakarta, is located here. The resort islands of Bali, Lombok and Komodo are quite popular tourist destinations too. Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims in the world; but you can see a wide range of religions on the islands - Hinduism on Bali, and Christianity on Flores and Timor. The common language is Bahasa Indonesia. English and Dutch are also widely spoken. Indonesia is a tropical country and its climate is divided into just two seasons, 'wet' and 'dry'.

As a large country, it has a variety of sights to offer its visitors. Borobudur has architectural wonders which are centuries old. It has a five km stretch of Buddhist carvings. Adventure-lovers can travel to Kalimantan and go trekking in its jungles. The island of Sumatra has great wildlife and hundreds of tribal groups which are different from each other in a lot of aspects.

Bali is known as the 'Island of the Gods'. Its topography is spotted by volcanic mountains, lakes, rice fields, giant trees and of course, beaches. The Komodo National Park has Komodo Dragons, a huge monitor lizard endemic to the Komodo Island.