Seychelles Island

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The 115 islands that make up Seychelles lie around 1600 km away from The East African coast. French and English are the official languages. There’s also the Seychellois Creole which is a creole based on French. Most of the population is Christian.

Seychelles enjoys tropical climate all year around as it’s not far from the equator. A lot of people have immigrated to the island and they are of African, French, Indian and Chinese descent.One of the best beaches in Seychelles is Anse Lazio towards the north of the island. The turquoise waters will enchant you. There are snorkeling spots too at the beach.

The Cousin Island is a nature reserve and has been one since 1968. Many endangered species of animals are protected in this reserve. It’s also a nesting area for turtles and seagulls. Some of the birds you can spot here are that Brush Warbler, the Magpie Robin and the white-tailed tropic bird, the emblem of Réunion and Mauritius. The St. Anne National Park houses six islands where you can see nature at its best – carefree birds flying about, animals hurrying to their coves and of course the ever beckoning sea. Snorkeling and diving are permitted on some of the islands.