Sri Lanka

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It’s an island located off the southern Indian coast. Until 1972, Sri Lanka was known by the name, Ceylon. Sri Lanka's climate is tropical. Although it can be quite hot the beaches are cooled by the ocean winds.The majority of the population is Sinhalese. The northern and eastern part of the island has a concentration of the Tamil community. Almost 70% of the island’s population is followers of Buddhism. As a result of its earlier trade ties with the Arabs, the island has a considerable number of Muslims too. Other communities are Hindus, Christians and a few immigrant Zoroastrians (Parsis).

Sri Lanka is strategically located and forms a link between the West and South East Asia. It was a major destination during the British rule in the subcontinent. The island has three national parks. Sri Lanka has dense jungles and an adventurous tourist will be able to see the bee-eater, colourful parrots and parakeets, the hornbill, king-fisher and wood-pecker etc. There are many clubs that provide temporary memberships to tourists. Those interested in Cricket, Tennis, Diving, Windsurfing and Golf can be assured of a grand welcome here. Some of the resorts also offer yachting, sailing and water skiing.

Another exciting activity is to get an Ayurvedic massage done at one of the authorized centres. It’s a traditional science with its roots in India. Relax yourself and enjoy time passing by without a worry.