Island Of Mumbai

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Butcher Island – It’s also known as Jawahar Dweep. It’s situated off the Indian coast at Mumbai. It has an oil terminal used by the port authorities. It is a restricted area and most of the island is covered with thick and inaccessible vegetation. A hillock rises from the centre of the island. It is located about 8 kms from the Gateway of India.

Cross Island –It’s an uninhabited islet off the Mumbai harbour. It is located off the coast of Dockyard Road.

Elephanta Island – It’s also called Gharapuri Island or the place of caves. These caves are carved out of rock. Elephanta Island is part of the islands that constitute the Mumbai Harbour, to the east of Mumbai. This island gets its name from the island's cave temples known as Elephanta Caves.
Mumbai is the nearest city which is about 10 km from the island city. A ferry can be availed from Mumbai. Boats leave daily from the Gateway of India, taking about two hours for the journey to the island and back. The boat lands next to a walkway that leads to steps of the famous caves. There are small shops and hawkers selling souvenirs, artifacts and handicrafts. You can also get snacks, water and food items from stalls there. The inhabitants of the island are very few and live by way of fishing and boat repairing.

Middle Ground - The Middle Ground Coastal Battery, as it’s also called, is an islet off the coast of Mumbai. It lays in the Thane Creek a few hundred metres from the famous landmark, the Gateway of India. The isle is actually a piece of hard basalt rock, rising out of the creek bed. It’s less than a few hundred square metres in area.
It belongs to the Indian Navy. The island serves as the saluting base to the Commander-in-Chief of the Western Naval Command. You can hear guns being fired along with a bugle call when a new Commander-in-Chief takes over or when a naval ship which has been out for a long time returns to the harbour.

Oyster Rock
- is part of the group of islands in the Mumbai harbour, India. It is owned by the Indian Navy. For a short while, it was used as a naval museum. Since the navy conducts its exercises and experiments in and around this island, tourists are advised to keep well clear of it.

Salsette Island – It’s located on the west coast of India. Mumbai and Thane lie on this island. It’s the 14th most populous island in the world. Mumbai itself was an island in its own right before reclamation of land from the sea which led to its merger with the Island of Bandra and Mahim.
Salsette island is flanked by Vasai Creek on the north, on the northeast by the Ulhas River, by Thane Creek and Bombay Harbour on the east, and on the south and west by the Arabian Sea. The highest point on the island is around 450 metres in the Borivali National Park, towards the northern part of the island. Compared to the size of the city, this National Park is the world's biggest one within a city. Powai Lake, Tulsi Lake and Vihar Lake are the three major lakes on the island.

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