Majuli - Largest Freshwater Island In Asia

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Majuli It’s the largest freshwater island in Asia. It’s situated on the Brahmaputra river at a distance of 20 km from Jorhat Town in Assam, India. With water bodies covering most of the areas, Majuli attracts plenty of birds both local & migratory. There are Satras which propagate the religious ideology of great Assamese medieval Vaisnavite Saint Sankardeva and Madhavdeva.

The famous Majuli Festival of Assam makes you feel like a part of the festival. Special events are organised during the festival days round the clock. Cultural programmes take place with the participation of various traditional and classical cultural troupes of Assam and troupes from rest of the country, in addition to rich cultural heritage of Majuli. Exhibitions are also organised with the presentation of various Assamese items.

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