Private Island Resort

An island all to yourself! Yes, the whole island, its sandy beaches, a cottage, a yacht, and all the facilities you need at your call. You can buy an island, rent it or visit a private island resort where you could submit to world class amenities. These resorts come with spas, swimming pools, snorkeling and diving equipment, not to mention the mouth-watering cuisine.

Private islands are no longer the haven for celebrities alone; the average traveler is also fast picking up on this venture. Some of the islands are wildlife reserves or sanctuaries and provide for great trekking and adventure tourism. Private islands are a great way to spend your romantic getaway.

Private island resorts are available in various parts of the world, from Florida to Fiji and from England to South Africa. So what are you waiting for? Hop on for an exciting adventure. Just remember to bring along your first aid kit, medicines, and other supplies you would need.

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