Eco-Tourism Andaman Nicobar

The islands that comprise Andaman and Nicobar are very diverse. They range from Tropical Rainforests and mangroves to coral reefs and underwater volcanoes. The flora and fauna is rich and varied and this attracts a lot of eco-tourists to the islands.Forests cover over 80% of the islands’ surface. It has around 1900 kms as coastline too. The unexplored islands and near pollution-free environment makes it an ideal eco-tourism spot.

A mini zoo in Port Blair exhibits some species of the unique flora and fauna of these islands. The Biological Park at Chidiyatapu conducts exhibitions and seminars and creates awareness among people on how to maintain and save the lush forests and life within the islands and around it.Resorts, hotels and holiday inns too make an effort in this endeavour and keep their environment pollution free and try to restore natural cover when possible.

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