Little Andaman Island

Little Andaman Island is about 120 kms by sea from Port Blair ad is located near the South Andaman Island. Tourists are dropped and picked up by the ships at Hut Bay. From here they are taken to places like White Surf Waterfall which is around 6 kms from the jetty. Whisper Waterfall is another waterfall about 20 kms away. There is a trekking trail to this waterfall.

The natives are the Onge tribe, a few Nicobarese tribes and settlers from Bangladesh and South India. The most famous beach on this island is Butler Bay. There’s opportunity to snorkel, sun bask and surf here. There are beach huts and coconut thatches open to tourists and small boats are available at the beach.

Netaji Nagar Beach, 11 kms from the Hut Bay jetty is another popular attraction. One can see elephant lumbering and elephant training within the forests. There’s an extensive red oil palm plantation too on the island.

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