Scuba Diving At Andaman

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced diver, every time you go down on a dive it's a whole new feel. The volcanic hills and the undulating reefs of the Andamans are very attractive and interesting. You can spot Grey sharks and Manta Rays in the waters here.
Most of the smaller atolls are no more than tiny coral packs.

The North point and the Southeast Reef are common dive sites on Cinque Island. Other Diving areas are Bala Reef on Little Andaman, Snake Island off Corbyn's Cove, Corruption Reef near Chidiya Tapu and the Fish Rock near Passage Island. The seas around the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a great favourite for underwater photographers.

Near Havelock Island there are dive sites where you can spot turtles, rays, corals and even dolphins. Barracuda City, a site, is best suited for experienced divers and places like Turtle Bay, Mac Point and Lighthouse are more popular with beginners.A huge submerged rock called The Wall falls to a drop of over 50 metres and it's full of various kinds of fishes and corals. Two other Scuba diving sites are off Wandoor and North Button Island

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