Bahrain Yachts Charter

The Kingdom of Bahrain, as it’s called, is an island country. Its nearest neighbours are Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is known as the ‘Pearl of the Persian Gulf’ after its famed Pearl diving. The country has large reserves of oil and natural gas and they are two of the largest contributors to its economy.

Bahrain is an archipelago of thirty three islands and has a combined coastline of 100 miles. The culture of this tiny country is vibrant – it’s a mix of Arabs, Baharnas, Indians, Afro-Arabs and a few families of Jews.

Drag Racing and Yacht Racing are two favourite sports of Bahrainis. The Gulf Air Grand Prix Formula One race was a great hit when it took place in 2004. About 8 million tourists visit these islands every year. Attractions like spas, ski resorts, yacht clubs etc are coming up in the next couple of years.

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