Canada - British Columbia

This state of Canada was named by Queen Victoria after the Columbia river flowing through the district. British Columbia has a rocky coastline of 27,000 kms lined with mountains, creeks and fjords. It includes about 6000 islands too.

Forestry and Mining are the two most dominating industries in this part of Canada. The Coast Mountains and the Inside Passage's many inlets provide some of British Columbia's renowned and spectacular scenery, which forms the backdrop and context for a growing outdoor adventure and ecotourism industry.

Commercial marine transport is very important in British Columbia. BC’s major ports are Vancouver, Prince Rupert, Roberts Bank, and Victoria. Vancouver is the largest port of Canada. Cruise ships and liners dock at these ports. BC has a long and varied coastline and lakes, rivers, and forests. Besides hiking, mountaineering and hunting, water sports, both motorized and non-motorized, is taken up. Sailing and sail boarding are also done by enthusiasts. Ice Sailing is a lesser known sport.

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