Egypt Yachts Charter

Egypt is a North African country whose Nile Valley is home to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It shares borders with Libya, Sudan to and the Gaza Strip and Israel. The Mediterranean Sea is to its north and the Red Sea to the EastEgypt was a main trading port in olden days. It continues to be so because of its strategic position connecting Africa and Asia by way of the Suez Canal. It also connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian Ocean via the Red Sea.

Yachting on the Nile is a fabulous experience. So is yachting on the Mediterranean shores. Tourists can also take a ride in the traditional Nile boats. The coastal city of Alexandria is famous for yachts and sail boats. Other major ports are Port Said, Ras Gharib, Abu Kir, Damieta, Rashid and Matruh.

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