Yachts Destination

There’s a surge in yachting and sailing in the major ports in the world. For some it’s a part of their vacation whereas for some adventure enthusiasts, it’s a hobby. Yachting is not a very tiresome sport and can be learnt in a moderate amount of time.

There are plenty of options – you could choose a short three day cruise which allows you to visit beaches, go snorkeling and diving or you could for a longer cruise where you can travel to other cities and discover more things. Nowadays, there’s a variety of choices – you could cruise around a city’s canals or just cross the creek and return by night. It’s not necessary to make long journeys.

If you love the open sea, pristine beaches and like to spend time exploring nature, then yachting is one of the best activities for you. Yachts, diving equipment and assisting crew can be hired at a minimum rate.

A cruise from London would take you around and across the channel, touch France and return. Likewise, you could take a yacht from New York, discover the port cities nearby and go scuba diving at diving sites too. Luxury yachts come with all the facilities for a good holiday – a restaurant, a well-stocked bar, and small conference rooms for the businessmen. There’s also scope for activities such as water skiing, big game fishing and diving for children. All these make yachting a memorable experience.