Mauritius Yachts Charter

Mauritius island destinations, coral reefs, beautiful anchorages and the great weather make it a favourite spot for trekkers and tourists. It’s located 560 miles east of Madagascar in the southwest Indian Ocean. Mauritius includes the islands of St. Brandon, Rodrigues and the Agalega Islands. Port Louis is the capital and largest port city of Mauritius.

It has both African and French influences. Tourist have holiday options like `Coin de Mire`, Flat Island, Gabriel Island, ‘L`ile aux Cerfs’, and Benitier Island. But most yachts and cruises start from Port Louis. There are catamarans which can be hired and you can go swimming and explore the coral reefs. There are crewed and bareboat catamarans, as well as sailboats, motor boats, cabin cruisers and super yachts.

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