Yachts Kolkata (Calcutta)

This historic city remained the capital of British India till 1912. It is a commercial centre and a busy Indian port. Kolkata is called the ‘Paris of the East’. The Victoria Memorial built in white marble is the city’s most famous landmark. It was built in the time of Lord Curzon and is constructed in the Mughal and British architectural styles. It now exhibits pre independence memorabilia and other 3000 odd exhibits.

Fort William stands on the banks of the Hugli river and displays arms and armour from the Bangladesh Liberation war, Burmese war etc. Kolkata also has one of the largest of its kinds in the world, the Birla Planetarium. Kolkata has about 25 museums within the city. The first subway railway came up in Kolkata and is one of the busiest and best maintained in the world. The city has well kept gardens and parks like Eden Gardens, Horticultural and Zoological Gardens. 

Haldia is a port on the Bay of Bengal and is a few hours drive from Kolkata. It is a growing centre for yachting and other water sports. Yachting and Wind Sailing also takes place on the Hugli river.

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