Yachts Club India

There are a growing number of Yacht Clubs throughout India. There are a number of ways in which one can spend their holidays in India. India’s vast coastline and beautiful beaches provide an exciting opportunity for sailing. Snorkeling, Scuba diving, exploring the costal areas is just some of the many sports and travel activities available.

Some of the main Yacht Clubs of India are Mumbai Yacht Club, Goa Yacht Club and Cochin Yacht Club. The Royal Bombay Yachts Club, Colaba Sailing Club, Secunderabad Sailing club and Chandigarh Sailing Club are the main centres where one can learn yachts sailing. At Cochin you can rent a yacht as well as a houseboat which is more common.

It’s an upcoming sports activity amongst the youth. It’s easy to learn and once you rent out a yacht and go out into the open sea, it’s a grand way to spend your time. It’s common with Indian tourists as well as foreigners.

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