Yachts Visakhapatnam

The ‘Jewel of the East coast of India’, certainly lives up to its name. They city is named after the God of valour – Visakha. It’s also known as Vizag and is an industrial and commercial centre on this side of India. There are lots of hills and hill resorts around the city like Rishikonda, Ross Hill and Darga konda. While most hillocks have temples built on them, Darga konda has a mosque dedicated to Saint Ishaque Madina.

Vizag is also an important naval centre. There are museums exhibiting naval arms and exhibits. Bheemli, Simhachalam and Arakku Valley are tourist spots around Vizag.There are government sponsored as well as private owned yachts. They are for sale and rent. You can rent out small and big yachts meant for passenger from 2 to 15.

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